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Secure, Smart & Sustainable Staking

Stake your crypto and earn market leading rewards on leading proof-of-stake blockchain networks.

You maintain custody of your keys and full control of your funds while they are staked with us.

Cutting Edge Features

Not Your Father's
Staking Architecture

Carbon Neutral

Our global staking infrastructure is built on carbon neutral compute primitives.

Exactly OneSign

Our unique 'Exactly OneSign' algorithm ensures we never incur a double-signing slashing.

Highly Available

Global infrastructure for highly available nodes to avoid downtime slashing.

Self Healing

Our AutoSync algorithm allows us to auto-heal by launching new validators in seconds.


Isolated & hardened environments which deliver military grade infrastructure security.

Global Scale

Our global infrastructure allows us to handle regional outages as well as serve peers across the world.


Fully transparent commission structure defined through community governance.


We are so confident of our tech, we we provide insurance against slashing to all stakers.

“Provide a safe and sustainable staking service with highest rewards.”

Our Goal at ValNodes

// Our Partners

We partner with the best in business.

Proof-of-Stake blockchains are essential for distributed consensus to be sustainable and decentralized. We support and run nodes for chains we actively use for our own internal projects. These chains are backed by high quality code and trustworthy founders. Check how it works!

Band Protocol
Secure & Decentralized Oracle designed for speed, flexibility, and cross-chain compatibility.

Stake Now

Ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps & services for a decentralized future.

Stake Now

Decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain to create liquidity and trade IBC enabled tokens.

Stake Now

Organize and access data from blockchains and storage networks using GraphQL.

Invite Only!

Open source, distributed blockchain platform for access to digital money and data-friendly services.

Invite Only!

Decentralized backbone behind crypto.com mobile payment, trading and financial services products

Invite Only!

Organize and access data from blockchains and storage networks using GraphQL.

Invite Only!

Decentralized backbone behind crypto.com mobile payment, trading and financial services products

Invite Only!

// Our Process

How We Select & Deploy Networks

Proof of Stake blockchains partner with reliable validators to create, propose, or vote on blocks to be added to the blockchain.

The validators need experience in running highly available hardware and software. Additionally, they need robust monitoring processes to ensure that no funds are slashed.

Our team has years of experience building enterprise applications at Amazon and Google. Below are a few steps of the process we follow.

Solve a Real Problem

We look for projects which solve a real business problem within the decentralized space, rather than a technical solution in search for a market.

Project Team

Our analysts dive deep into the whitepaper, tokenomics, background of founders and in many cases we meet with the team to ensure a business case.

Technical Specs

Our tech team dives into the chaincode to determine technical feasibility and business viability. We also adopt networks into our projects at this stage.

TestNet Nodes

Spin up testnet validator and dive into the application to automate setup & monitoring. We also customize ActiveSync & OneSign for the network.

Mainnet Nodes

Spin up mainnet nodes and test all our codes and upgrade paths as mainnet is usually a version behind. This is also the time to stress test our algorithms.


For most networks, we do a soft launch with our own funds and use this time to run our chaos suite to test all edge cases before we take external funds.

" ValNodes has done a great job of setting up a robust infrastructure and innovating on their software layer to provide a great staking service! "
Rob Forsyth
Crypto Investor
" Thanks for the great support and walking me through the staking process. The deep dive on the tech gave me confidence to stake our coins with ValNodes."
Taman Kohli
" The team at ValNodes has raised the bar in creating a highly reliable and available network. The work on ActiveSync is something all validators should replicate. "
Mark Warner
AWS Architect